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Trying to conceive as a same sex couple

Everyone has watched the documentary on BBC called 'Desperately Seeking Semen' Heres the link if you haven't https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05cg275. Basically its all about an array of women across the UK who are searching the internet to find donor sperm. There is thousands, and not always same sex couples, lots of single women now hit their late 20s to 30s and decide they don't want a Man in their life to have a child, they can do it on their own!

When we first decided we were going to try for a baby, we researched into so many different options for us, the main one being IUI (intrauterine insemination). This costs, on average, between £800 - £1200 per cycle. With it being doing in an official clinic, obviously a lot more care is taken in vetting the sperm, it all gets cleaned, screened and tested. For the majority of people, a thousand pounds is ALOT of money per cycle, and there is obviously no guarantee it will work first time. The success is rate isn't much different to the rate of pregnancy achieved via sexual intercourse.

A couple of our friends had recently used the internet method for sperm donation, they had searched online sites for a donor, met them and done the deed in the comfort of their own bedroom, the turkey baster method! It was successful after a few tries and they had a very healthy and beautiful baby girl, luckily for them, the donor closed the door behind them and doesn't know any further information and wants to have no part in their lives. This is a positive story, but I have heard SO many opposite stories, where the donors have been really shady, wanted cash or turned up wanting custody of the child years later, so its all abit of a risky option, but the only way for some people.

We decided to have a look into it, we joined a couple of sites,

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